WOSKKA Board Members

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WOSKKA's Board of Directors

A May 30th, 2009 WOSKKA meeting was held at the new Honbu Dojo in Brentwood, CA. wherein WOSKKA members from Brentwood, CA., Merced, CA., Oakland, CA., and Concord, CA., gathered to recognize and establlish new officers and board members.  The following photos are of those who were selected as Executive Directors, members of the Board of Directors, and Secretary.  These individuals will gather from time to time to discuss all matters of the association, including rank promotions, award banquets, and other related association functions.  This page has been updated on 8/19/2015 to reflect the replacement of Executive Director Barry Moyer (recently deceased) and the addition of David Silvers as a board member.  Hanshi Barry Moyer has been replaced by Shihan Jim Staley.

Executive Director Jim Staley of San Francisco, California.

Executive Director Kyoshi Calvin Tam of the Xi Cheung Karate-Do Dojo in Oakland, CA.

Shihan Jim Staley

Executive Director Kyoshi Jerrell Smith of Oakland and Concord, CA. dojos.

Kyoshi Calvin Tam

Executive Director Kyoshi Danny Tosh of the Brentwood, CA. Dojo.

Kyoshi Jerrell Smith

Executive Director Kyoshi Chris Sasville of the Brentwood, CA. Dojo. 

Kyoshi Danny Tosh

Board Member Renshi Johnny Baldizan of the Xi Cheung Karate-Do Dojo of Oakland, CA.

Kyoshi Chris Sasville

Board Members Renshi Charlie Meder and Renshi Alfredo Guerra of the Merced, CA. Dojo.

Renshi Johnny Baldizan

Board Member Renshi Cathy Lustan of the Concord, CA. Dojo.

Renshi Charlie Meder and Renshi Alfredo Guerra

WOSKKA Secretary Shihan Amy Rayford of the Merced, CA. Dojo

Renshi Cathy Lustan

Board Member David Silvers of Louisiana.