2020 Member Dojos 2

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Links to Additional WOSKKA Members and Dojos

This is page 2 of the WOSKKA member dojo listings, which is growing on an ongoing basis.

2020 WOSKKA Member Dojos Page 2

Facebook page of Kyoshi Michael Tobin-8th Dan and Kaicho of Medocino Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate Association of Willits, California.  His Northern California dojo is located at 1511 S. Main St. Willits, CA.  95490.

Facebook page of  Hanshi Dennis William Kibler Sr. of Wiliamsport, Pennsylvania.  Hanshi Kilbler is the Kaicho of Kibler Shorin Ryu International and is the headquarters for Kyan ha and Matsumura Seito, USA.

Facebook page of Kyoshi Miguel Jurna, Kaicho of Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts in Olivehurst, CA.

Kyoshi John Lofton is the owner of Martial Arts Training Club and has been teaching in the same location in the City of Sacramento, Ca for over 25 years.  His dojo is located at 6019 Stockton Blvd.  Suite E in Sacramento, CA. 95824.  Telephone contact: (916) 421-9428