Xi Chueng Exam

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Xi Chueng Exam In Oakland's Bjornson Hall

The March 20th 2010 exam for the Xi Chueng Dojo was held in Oakland's Bjornson Hall.  a regular meeting place for the Xi Chueng Dojo.  Xi Chueng is not only growing in numbers, but those who have been training for years are also continue to grow in the art of Shorin-Ryu.  This was a special day for Sensei Tim Converse who was also a student of the late Hanshi Sid Campbell.  Sensei Tim Converse receive his 4th Dan (full credential sensei) rank.  Black Belt ranks were also awarded to Sensei Rick O'Herron (2nd Dan) and Senesi Adam S. (2nd Dan).  Kyu level ranks were awarded to Jackie Hayes and Yan Yan Hustis-Hayes (Blue Belts) and the Brown Belt was award to Mei Wessling, daugther of Renshi Tim Wessling.

Pictured Below.

Front Row left to right: Jackie Hayes, Yan Yan Hustis-Hayes, Mei Wessling, Sensei Neil Wessling and Renshi Johnny Baldizan.  Back Row left to right:  Renshi Calvin Tam, Renshi Scott Sandkohl, Sensei Rick O'Herron, Sensei Adam S., Sensei Tim Converse, Renshi Charles Walker lll, and Renshi Tim Wessling.

Jackie Hayes and Yan Yan Hustis-Hayes

Yan Yan and Jackie Hayes working Naihanchi Katas

Naihanchi Nidan

Group working on Naihanchi Nidan with examiner Renshi Scott Sandkohl looking on.

Senseis Adam S., Rick O'Herron, and Tim Converse

The seniors in mid flight during their performance of Kusanku Sho kata.