Welcome to Xi Cheung Karate-Do

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The Xi Cheung Karate-Do Dojo

Under the leadership of 6th-Dan Renshi Calvin Tam, this Oakland, Ca. dojo has come to life.  Renshi Calvin Tam was destined to be the next Chief Instructor of Sid Campbell's dojo on MacArthur Blvd. in Oakland Ca. and had been serving as such throughout the lengthy illness of Hanshi Sid Campbell.  Upon the death of Hanshi Sid Campbell, circumstances prevented Renshi Calvin Tam from assuming the leadership of his late teacher's dojo.  Renshi Tam and other high ranking members of his teacher's dojo are now training and teaching in a new location.  Please click this link "Origin of Xi Cheung" for more on this dojo.  Click the following link: March 2010 Exam Photos to view the most recent Xi Cheung rank exam and promotions.

Dojo Location: 2258 MacAruthur Blvd.  Oakland, CA.  94602

Contact Renshi Calvin Tam at  510-499-9577 or xicheungdojo@gmail.com for more information.

Xi Cheung Chief Instructor

Some of Xi Cheung's First Students

Renshi Calvin Tam-6th Dan


Original Students of Xi Cheung

Xi Cheung Leadership

Classes at Oakland Bjornson Hall

Renshi Charles Walker and Renshi Calvin Tam